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Red Nose Day 2018

The joy of expecting a child is an amazing journey. You give birth, then, you bring your newborn home full of hopes and dreams for his future. You tuck your precious bundle into his cot for a sleep but he never wakes again. This devastation happens on average to 9 families everyday, its unexpected and in most cases, unexplained.

Red Nose: Experts in keeping babies safe

Since its inception, Red Nose have funded scientific research, changed policy and practice by educating health professionals and the community, saved the lives of thousands of babies through the delivery of evidence-based health promotion to reduce infant and child death, and supported bereaved families of children who die suddenly and unexpectedly from any cause.

Today their  ‘Sleep Safe, My Baby’ public health program is one of the most successful, non-government funded public health campaigns in Australia. Thousands of Safe Sleeping brochures and other information are provided to new parents, hospitals, health centres, childcare centres and others at no cost. This program has resulted in an 85% reduction in sudden infant deaths.

Red Nose Day 2018

Friday 29th June, SoilWorx jumped onboard in support of this campaign where all our staff had embraced  the cause and dressed up in red noses, trucks and all. 

We wore our red noses proudly around town as we helped raised awareness for SIDS sharing their goal in reducing nine deaths a day down to zero. 

You too can make a difference by donating at A little give for a little life.


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