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Teaming up with the Block 2017

Landscapes and features are important because they contribute significantly to our well-being and quality of life. On this year’s season of the block, we saw Elyse & Josh create an aesthetically pleasing and meaningful landscape which blew the judges away.

Their completed outdoor sanctuary came with a pool, big deck, outdoor kitchen, and a luscious garden. All the elements working perfectly together to create a space to relax, play and enjoy.

At Soilworx, we are proud to have supplied the bulk and bagged products to make this winning outdoor sanctuary a reality. Without a doubt, this one will not fail to make that stunning first impression.

The Block 2017 and SoilWorx             The Block 2017 and SoilWorx              
The Block 2017 and SoilWorx The Block 2017 and SoilWorx


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