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DIY Retaining Wall Guide

Concrete retaining wall blocks are easy to install and ideal for building soil retaining walls,...

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Don't make these mistakes installing toppings!

The SoilWorx Path n Drive range of toppings is the perfect way to style your pathways, driveways...

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Basic Tool Maintenance

Being in the construction industry, our tools and equipment are the livelihood of our business....

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Red Nose Day 2018

The joy of expecting a child is an amazing journey. You give birth, then, you bring your newborn...

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ColourGuard for a Greener Tomorrow

Has your lawn become dull and lifeless over Winter? We've found the perfect solution to having...

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2018 WaterAid Ball - Grand Gala with a touch of colour!

SoilWorx is pleased to continue our support of WaterAid through our Gold Sponsorship of the...

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Everything you need to know about Mystic Shale Mulch

SoilWorx Mystic is a shale mulch which is a very decorative mineral mulch that will last a long...

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Which Sand Do I Need?

Sand is loose particles of hard broken rock comprising of grains from disintegrated rock. The...

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How well do you know your soils?

Knowing your soil type and it's pH level can assist landscapers and gardeners in providing the...

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